Monday, 21 May 2012

Meditation Retreat

Meditation Retreat
    with Ray Menezes
                                      Friday 22nd of June – Sunday 24th June  2012
                             Aylesford Priory
                               The Friars
                                                 Aylesford, Kent, ME20 7BX
Consciousness does not move or change and so was not born and can never die. Consciousness embraces all that is yet does this without any volition at all. When we are in agreement with all that is we begin to approach the nature of consciousness itself. Consciousness itself does not need to be in agreement with anything - does the sky need to agree to its blueness to exist? In agreement or acceptance we approach the nature of consciousness. In disagreement or resistance we distance ourselves from our own nature of consciousness. Even in disagreement we have not moved a fraction from consciousness, for consciousness is what we are and it is not possible to move away from what we are.

A weekend of enquiry into our true nature, from periods of stillness (meditation) we will find that part of us that never changes. As we learn to be with this stillness we will also work together in the group to identify the part of us that gets in the way of this. This part will take the form of gentle discussion within the group as a whole. You will be free to take part in this discussion or to listen. The discussion is aimed at identifying the obstacles created by the ego to insure its own existence. The weekend will consist of alternating between these two parts of the process from stillness to group discussion.
In order to fully be what we are we must learn to identify clearly what we are not. As well as this core part of the process there will also be meditation walks (learning to apply stillness to motion or activity) Also there will be meditation walks within the grounds of Aylesford Priory.

Aylesford Priory was founded in 1242 and places like this have a long history of spiritual enquiry, prayer and meditation. Around the world I have found places with this kind of history and energy that can very helpful as an aid to our own enquiry and meditation.
The priory can supply vegetarian meals for those who require them (please let me know as soon as possible if you want vegetarian meals or if you have any other special dietary requirements).

Aylesford Priory

A meditation retreat can be an important source of nourishment and replenishment and most importantly a time to get to know ourselves in the deepest possible way. It is my view that we are all beginners when it comes to this enquiry/meditation process - as to know anything in regard to who or what we are is to know too much.
The cost of this retreat will be £195.  This is for the retreat, accommodation and all meals. Accommodation is in single or double rooms.

 A deposit of £50 is required to book a place and the balance to be paid by 20th June. Please bring your own cushions, benches or blankets for meditation if required. For those who wish to meditate on a chair these will be available.
Phone 07957 934047 for more details or to book a place.
                                   By Train
                      London Victoria to Maidstone East
                                    then taxi or No. 155 bus to The Friars
                                                  (Mon-Sat: no bus service after 6.00 pm.
                                                       Sundays and Public Holidays: no bus service) or
                                                      London Victoria to West Malling
                                                                  then taxi
                                                                  By Road
1. M20 Junction 6 then follow signs to Eccles and The Friars.

2. M2 Junction 3 then follow signs (towards Maidstone A229) to Eccles and The Friars   

                                                          (note: major roadworks presently at this junction)


  1. What time will this retreat start on Friday?

  2. The retreat starts with supper at 6pm on Friday evening after this there will be a short meditation and introductory talk.
    If you intend coming can you let me know as soon as possible as I need to let the people at Aylesford
    Priory know about allocation of rooms and if there are any special dietary requirements.

    1. No, Sorry, would love to but I can't afford it.