Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Out of the Darkness

It is essential that you learn to see any negatives that occur in your mind and apply the following logic. If I am thinking or saying something negative this is proof that what I am thinking or saying is untrue. All negative statements about yourself are untrue they always indicate that we believe something that is not true. We just have to keep applying this logic. If something is untrue it is the same as saying it does not exist. As you notice the negatives in your thinking they will begin to dissolve, only then is it possible to fully connect with your raw physical sensations and then faith is no longer needed. See negative thinking as a trail that will lead you out of the darkness - in that sense it is not negative, without negatives consciousness becomes 'known'. Be clear this is only about being aware of the negative thinking that takes place it is not about analyzing or judging anything. When you notice that a negative thought has occurred leave it at that just notice it, nothing else needs to be done. There is no place for negative thinking, it serves no purpose and in fact the reason we do it is to punish ourselves. This need to punish ourselves usually involves punishing others and this can only be done when we are unconscious of what we are doing. Fear and anxiety thrive on negative thinking and cannot exist without it. This being so it is imperative to learn to focus all our attention on this obvious bull in the china shop. With full attention negative thinking cannot exist - without negative thinking there can be no problem. All suffering arises with the unconscious desire to punish ourselves through the use of negative thinking. All suffering ends when we are able to shine a light on what was in darkness and in so doing make the unconscious conscious.


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  2. In the process of trying to notice the negative beliefs I felt the need to look at all belief and the same logic you suggest applies: i.e. Every belief is just that, a belief. Even this distinction between 'negative' and 'positive' is also a belief, albeit a useful one!
    The distinction is barely discernible, but once that this apparent distinction is seen, all other distinction is impossible for everything that is is merely 'a belief''.
    So when I can notice both negative and positive belief as just belief, then I can't rest in any meaning. That means I can't rest in any 'meaning' at all. As I write this I can sense that to be utterly incomprehensible to my mind! I can see the negatives wanting to flood my mind with doubt and fear of losing everything and yet I can't help but see it any other way.....what can I say...these words have no meaning after this.....Thank you with love