Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Love and Power, a question

Hi Ray,

I wondered if you could help me get my head around something. Is it possible to love power? Or does power not actually exist? Is it just a belief? 

Hi Nick, power was the focus of my attention during the period when I was training for psychotherapy. To understand your question it is necessary to understand the two words you used, love and power. Both these words from the point of view of the ego tend to have no meaning or highly distorted false meanings. The origin of love is consciousness where all that is is composed of the same substance, there is no place or meaning for division. In Sanskrit this is referred to as Adhikaranam; this means substratum which is that which underlies everything. It is the substance of the Absolute , which is pure consciousness. In the world love is loaded with meanings that we find palatable these meanings are very limited and tend to have no lasting meaning which means that these meanings or beliefs do not work they break down when we hit the unpalatable. Power I take to be a potential rather than a belief although it is belief that drives this potential. If the belief applied is untrue or negative in any way then the power that is created is false power and like love does not work or results in suffering. Most examples of power seen in the world are created by beliefs that have an obvious or implied negative contained in them and so again do not work. In terms of potential it is possible to create true power, this could only occur if our conception is free from negatives and is aligned with consciousness. This is usually what I refer to as keeping your word. Keeping your word implies the above conditions of being free from all negatives and aligned with consciousness. In essence this would be truth. In this sense power is truth and it is certainly possible to love that.

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