Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Rules of Creation Part 4

Karmanaa Yamabhipraiti Sa Sampradaanam
The Ultimate Purpose of Realising that Potential.

To create, think, feel or do anything, potential has to be activated. For anything to happen in this universe potential has to be activated. For the universe to exist means potential has been activated. The universe being created is not a static thing rather it sets in motion a continual movement of more and more creation, destruction and potential. Once there is life there is an explosion of potential being activated. Once potential is activated there is movement, change, and consequences. Potential can be activated consciously or unconsciously and there seems to be no limits to what can be created. In each act of creation conscious or unconscious there needs to be a desire. That desire whatever it may be will produce a series of consequences and these consequences will in time cause new creations to emerge. These new creations can be seen as learning or evolution. What we may call mistakes are part of this learning or evolution. Seeing this we can then see that the so called mistake was a necessary part of the learning and evolution and therefore was not a mistake. Whatever ‘mistakes’ taking place in the world right now are a manifestation of the learning that is a natural consequence of the activation of potential. Even the suffering that is a consequence of a ‘mistake’ is necessary for the learning to take place. Consequences and the learning that follows can take place over any period of time. Time itself is an illusory framework in which the learning takes place and is created by various activations of potential. Because of the constraints or consequences that come with the creation of time it becomes very difficult to see the big picture. It is easier to see the consequence of actions in the short term such as touching something hot but some consequences will not appear for many years or may appear for many generations to come. The world as it is today is the consequence of every act of potential that went before and most of what went before we have no knowledge of. From birth it seems the only knowledge available to us is the very limited knowledge left by past generations. In the beginning we trust and believe in this knowledge that we inherit but in time we find out that it is not to be trusted because sooner or later acting from this knowledge  produces suffering. Fortunately past knowledge is not our only source of learning any real learning can only take place in what I call responsibility. Responsibility is the direct consequence of our thoughts, feelings and actions as experienced by the body. With responsibility there are no excuses for what we do think or feel. Because of the knowledge we inherited from the past we continue to do what was done in the past we make excuses for what we do or we blame someone as when a child says ‘he/she made me do it’. No one can make or cause us to do anything we are always responsible for what we do because we will experience sooner or later the consequence of our actions. Responsibility is the only thing that works consistently. When we act on beliefs we are not being responsible although we will experience the consequence of acting on our beliefs. Belief is knowledge inherited in the past or formulated in the present it therefore has no relationship to responsibility or the world as experienced through the senses alone. When we are able to live through the senses alone we are at peace with ourselves and the world there are no beliefs to take us away from that peace. Everything we think feel or do results in learning however long that may take. With responsibility the learning is always immediate because the senses are always at their best in the moment they are activated in the present. When we respond from memory we are responding to the present with knowledge from the past. Memory is not just data from the past it is instructions from the past and our tendency is to use memories as instructions. Sometimes we are following instructions from memories that were laid down when we were very young or when we were less able to comprehend what was happening. We base our beliefs on what we experienced and the limited ability we had to understand what we were experiencing. Once a memory is formulated it tends to be accepted as truth and even when the result of following these memory instructions is suffering we rarely deviate from following these instructions.. Reliance on memories as instructions means that we are unable to learn or that learning will be very slow. Activating potential no matter how that is done must ultimately result in perfection or consciousness. This can be a very slow evolutionary process or it can be immediate. When we are able to activate the potential through our body and its senses the learning becomes much more immediate. Everything we do is done when we have a purpose even if that purpose is negative. The ultimate purpose we can have is to transcend our own beliefs and by so doing come to the realisation that everything we do we do for and from consciousness.

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