Sunday, 5 February 2012

Book Launch

My new book has just been published 'Everything That is Not a Belief is True'

I am a psychotherapist and meditation teacher. This is my second book, my first is 'Blood Washing Blood' a zen perspective of psychotherapy. This will be of interest to anyone interested in Mindfulness, meditation, psychotherapy and beyond.

Free of belief, consciousness shines pure, and anything done or believed with the intention of realising this can only obscure it. This cannot be improved and there are no stages to attaining it; the consciousness of all beings is already pure and complete. Meditation, yoga, fasting or any other spiritual or religious practice can in no way affect the natural purity of consciousness and there are no spiritual or religious texts including this that can in any way change what is already there. The purpose of this book is not to teach or reveal; it is only to disrupt the beliefs that we unintentionally use to obscure consciousness. Our beliefs are naturally being disrupted but this is a slow process that can be considered evolutionary. With this book, it is possible to speed up this process considerably. When belief itself is questioned deeply enough, a point of no return is reached and all false beliefs spontaneously collapse without effort. What we read or hear can be understood on a relative level according to what each of us is capable of understanding. This also applies to this book, but it is important to understand that we cannot fully understand anything until our understanding is free from belief. Free from belief, these words would disappear. A book that aims to dispel many myths in common society today, Everything That is Not a Belief is True will apply to those interested in reading about spirituality, psychotherapy and meditation.

Invitation to a book launch for this book to anyone living in the London UK area.
Wednesday 8th February 6.30 - 8.30pm at Maddox Arts
52 Brooks Mews, London W.1K4ED
Nearest Tube Bond Street
Phone 07957 934047 ( Ray Menezes )

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