Saturday, 18 February 2012


Imagine a dictionary that holds all the words of every language that has ever existed. Every single word represents a belief that has absolutely no reality except the reality we choose to believe. We can string these words together to conjure up all the things that the human race claims to know. All the books in all the libraries of the world are composed of these words. All words represent nothing but mystery. When we teach a child about cats sitting on mats there are no cats and no mats and nothing that sits. Eventually the child may move on to the works of the great philosophers but still the words that are used contain no meaning other than the meaning we have been trained to give to the words. We can use these words to hate or love, to ridicule or to praise but still there is no meaning to any word we may use. Why then do words have so much power? Before weapons are used a war is started only by the use of words. All wars ultimately end also with the use of more words. Words can cause us to kill or to feel depressed, they can make us laugh and they can make us cry. We are trained to give words meaning and although there may be a value to this, words also have the power to manifest all the suffering in the world. A word is either ink on a page or pixels on a screen or sounds picked up by our ears. To all words we attach a particular meaning and this meaning may be different for each of us depending on our life experience. Usually the meaning we attach to a word is a meaning that we have not thought too much about. We have learned to accept various meanings simply because everyone else accepts these meanings. After a while we forget that the meanings we have used are actually devoid of any true meaning. It is this forgetting that is at the root of all suffering in the world. It is possible we forget because many of the meanings we use in the world work. When enough meanings work in a practical and useful way the meanings that don’t work seem to go unnoticed. The meanings or beliefs that don’t work tend to be the meanings and beliefs that cause us suffering.


  1. So true! so true! It's starting to make sense what you are saing now. I
    I'm a little concerned though about making these concepts that you explained into another belief! How do I know that this is not another belief system. How to know that this is merely disrupting my beliefs without leaving any trace i.e. Will all your words self-destruct after they serve their purpose?

  2. Keep your focus only on beliefs that cause you suffering - that cause you to experience any negative sensation in the body. When this occurs just acknowledge that this negative sensation is sure proof that you are believing something that is not true. just acknowledge this and leave it alone. If you are worried that you are holding onto another belief system then treat this the same way - this also must be a belief that isn't true. In this case it is worry that gives you the proof as this causes a negative sensation. In general keep it simple just be aware of negativity in the moment that reveals the physical sensation that in turn reveals that you believe something that is not true. Keep to this discipline and try not to go off into any intellectual inquiry that would complicate this process.
    It will begin to make more sense as time goes by, just trust in the process.