Sunday, 25 March 2012

When Consciousness Realises Itself

To understand powerlessness it is necessary to understand the problem of choice in regard to the ego. The ego is the result of all the ‘events’ that occur in childhood in which a network of beliefs are formed that become a blueprint for the way we view ourselves and others. These beliefs take on a life of their own and we believe ourselves to be what we are not. The beliefs that we believe ourselves to be are not true and the result, the ego is also not true. What we ‘choose’ is not really a choice as it is determined by false assumptions made by something that does not exist; the ego. Believing ourselves to be unlovable we ‘choose’ actions that prove this belief. We are forced by our beliefs to prove that our assumption that we are unlovable is true. If we could really choose why would we choose suffering? It is more accurate to say that we are programmed to expect to suffer. Another way of saying this is that we ‘want to suffer. When we expect something enough it becomes a need and therefore what we want. The universe is infinitely subtle, complex and unknowable and we are not different from the universe. To believe that we are able to choose when what we are and what we are surrounded by is so infinitely subtle, complex and unknowable can only be called ignorance. The ego cannot tolerate vulnerability because vulnerability is truth and the ego views truth as a vampire would view a crucifix. The idea of accepting anything can only be an idea of the ego. It is not possible to accept anything or to understand anything and if there is any acceptance or understanding then it is the ego that does so. The ego wants something to hang on to and this is because the ego does not exist. The ego’s purpose is always to reinforce the illusion that something that does not exist does exist. Believing that we accept or understand anything is a trick to convince ourselves that we exist. What does exist can never be known and this is why those who claim to be enlightened or awake may be very convincing but also deluded. There can be no knowing what is or what is happening and as a result it cannot be true that we are powerful or powerless. Nothing can be said about what we are or what we are not. Consciousness itself has no concerns with any of these questions.
If you take a glass and dip it into the ocean you will see beyond doubt that the blueness of the ocean is an illusion. This is not so different to the moment when consciousness realises itself.


  1. Thank you , thank you, thank's becoming quite clear now although paradoxically the physical suffering (negative sensations felt in the body) is becoming more intense! But yet there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel that by being vulnerable to this pain, there will be an inevitable release. Powerlessness/Powerful are all concepts of the ego, I take it.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you

  2. The physical sensations may at times become more intense but these sensations are not 'negative' they are just sensations. This is a key point, the sensations experienced by the body are devoid of any negative meaning. In time the true meaning of these physical sensations will be known but at no time will they be negative. For now see that the physical sensations have no meaning, once this is clear the intensity of these sensations will slowly but surely decrease and you are right this is inevitable. If you look carefully you can check for yourself that physical sensations inherently have no meaning, the 'meaning' is always added by the ego after the fact. The meaning of physical sensation almost alway comes down to what we expect. Free yourself of any expectation and find out for yourself in the moment what physical sensation is.
    Yes powerless or powerful or any other meaning are concepts of the ego and therefore at the very least suspect.