Sunday, 7 December 2014

Weekend Intensive

Weekend Intensive
January 3rd - 4th

The universal impediment to understanding is everything that is believed right now. The only true requirement to understanding is an open mind free of all beliefs. The more open the mind is the easier this teaching will be. When beliefs are held too rigidly this teaching will appear difficult but the difficulty will not be with the teaching but rather the tendency to believe things that are not true. This intensive will involve working together in a group and examining carefully all the various layers of belief.
In 2008 the glue that held all my beliefs together spontaneously dissolved without any apparent cause, it is likely that the cause was to do with the degree of questioning that had been applied to all my beliefs. Prior to this I had written the book 'Blood Washing Blood' which can be seen as the preparation that led to the collapse of belief. At the time of the collapse I began writing 'Everything That is Not a Belief is True'. Without belief consciousness shines pure. All suffering ends because suffering can only occur when we believe something that is not true.
The intensive will be held in London N1 there are limited spaces, to book a place call me on 07957 934047. Times for the intensive are - Saturday 3rd 10am to 4pm and Sunday 4th 10am to 4pm.
Price for the intensive is £140

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