Saturday, 28 May 2016

Rules of Creation Part 2

2. Karturipsitatamam Karma.
Consequence of activating that potential.

Once the potential has been activated an inevitable and often predictable consequence or series of consequences must follow. This is evolution or the process of continual learning we are immersed in. What we have learned so far is what we are and the consequence of what we are is the world as it appears to each of us. Because all the factors that determine what we are is infinitely diverse no two humans could live in the same world. We literally live in a world we have created based solely on what we have learned so far. This learning involves the formation of matter and energy and the eventual appearance of life. It is estimated that the time this process has been running is around 13.8 billion years. Once there is life there is a being with apparently little or no information as to what we are or why we are here. What all creatures are at this point in time is a perfect consequence of all that has been learned so far. Perfect means that we could not be any more or less than we actually are right now. We  may not believe this and others also may not believe this but it is true. Because of this lack of understanding we assume we are imperfect and we assume this because we experience pain and suffering part of which comes from other peoples opinion of what we are. What we believe is always untrue and although what we are is based on what we believe this does not mean that what we believe is true. When beliefs about what we are are untrue (always) we will suffer and the suffering may take place now or at any time in the future. Because of this gap between learning from suffering now or at any time in the future this process of learning tends to be very slow. Some times we have to wait years to experience the results of our actions. Learning involves reducing this gap by paying more attention to this process as a whole. If we are happy to just wait for the suffering or learning to take place then the process is inevitably very slow or evolutionary.  When we realise suffering must have a cause and further that this cause is the result of what we believe then the process speeds up incrementally. At this point we begin to pay much more attention to both the cause and the beliefs behind that cause. Once the beliefs that cause suffering are understood enough the belief dissolves and along with it the cause to further suffering is negated. When all beliefs are dissolved so too is all suffering negated. Life is the process whereby this learning takes place. It is not an option or something we can choose to partake in or not it is inevitable. Suffering occurs because we believe things that are not true and this suffering must continue until the beliefs that cause it are understood and dissolved. In our mind, brain and bodies as well as the world we reside in is everything we need to solve the problem of  believing things that are not true. Sooner or later all beliefs have inevitable consequences. When we believe things that are not true it seems as though the world itself takes on an active part in that suffering. This is because the world is not separate from what we are and so what we are or believe is mirrored externally. This is not a punishment it is a guide. At every step we will experience directly the result of our beliefs if we do not pay attention this will not be noticed but once it is noticed the end of our beliefs is inevitable. Whatever beliefs we have become activated by the potential that is the root of what we  are. What we truly are has nothing whatsoever to do with beliefs so beliefs have the dual function of revealing what we are and what we are not. All suffering has a cause and cannot exist without a particular belief that is not true. Understand that when you are suffering  you are believing something that is not true keep bringing your attention back to that fact. The real problem is that we take our beliefs to be true and because we believe this we also tend to believe that the way to solve our suffering is to manipulate the world in some way so that it no longer hurts. Because this solution is incorrect the suffering will continue and all we have really achieved is a longer duration of suffering. The world is not responsible for our suffering it merely reflects our beliefs back to us. The universe does not consider how long the learning or evolution should take it just puts everything in place and in movement to achieve its goal.

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